Are You Ok? Senior Program

The RUOK? Program is a FREE service that establishes a prearranged time for participants to receive a regular phone call inquiring about their welfare. During the call participants are asked “Are You OK?” If they answer “yes” they may simply hang up and continue with their day. If a concern is expressed, the volunteer caller will determine the nature of the concern and if some sort of response is necessary. Unanswered calls or busy signals are called back. If there is still no response, the volunteer caller may request that an officer be dispatched to the location for a safety check.

Why Apply?

    • Applicants will receive a friendly and comforting call at least once a week by a trusted volunteer from the HCCO Precinct 3. Additional calls can be made upon request.
    • Every welfare check, whether by phone or personally by a HCCO Precinct 3 Deputy, gives peace of mind, not only to applicants, but to family members and friends living near or far.
    • Seniors can easily fall victim to crimes such as scams and frauds that can be prevented if detected in advance by one of the HCCO Precinct 3 volunteers or officers.
    • HCCO Precinct 3 will do their very best to act as a liaison if a senior expresses needs that the department cannot fulfill.
    • Seniors are always encouraged during every welfare call to contact HCCO Precinct 3 if they have a need or concern.

To sign up, fill out the form below. Once this is done, you will then be contacted by someone from the Constable Precinct 3 office.

RUOK? Request Form