Quality of Life Program

The Quality of Life program will support the other units/division of the Constable’s Office by providing specialized expertise and manpower. This is a multi-facet approach that includes combating illegal game rooms, prostitution and illegal dumping all designed to improve the quality of lives of Precinct 3 residents. The mission is to develop strategies that produce collaborative partnerships between law enforcement, Precinct 3 residents, seniors, faith-based organizations, businesses, schools, media, other government agencies and non-profit organizations. Building these relationships with the community we serve is essential. 

Quality of Life Program

The Quality of Life Program (QLP) works in each of Precinct 3 functions, patrol, contracts and schools as dictated by the needs of the department and the community. Outreach objectives include but are not limited to:

    • Attending safety fairs where the community can interact positively with police officers and other public safety representatives in their neighborhoods.
    • Participating in Town Hall/neighborhood meetings called to address specific issues.
    • Collaborating on projects with officers and community groups, which address long or short-term problems.
    • Establishing communication links and partnerships between the police department and Precinct 3 residents.
    • Crime Prevention Services
    • Crime reduction initiatives
    • National Night Out Events
    • The RUOK? Senior Program
    • Silver Santa program

Are You Ok? (RUOK?) Senior Program

The RUOK? Program is a FREE service that establishes a prearranged time for participants to receive a regular phone call inquiring about their welfare. During the call participants are asked “Are You OK?” If they answer “yes” they may simply hang up and continue with their day. If a concern is expressed, the volunteer caller will determine the nature of the concern and if some sort of response is necessary. Unanswered calls or busy signals are called back. If there is still no response, the volunteer caller may request that an officer be dispatched to the location for a safety check.

How to Apply?