14 Divisions responsible for providing a unique service to those we serve.


Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the department's primary direct-service provider to our citizens. It is their responsibility to provide prompt, effective and courteous service and protection to the life and property of the citizens and visitors. The Patrol Division is divided into 9 sub-divisions.


Toll Road Division

The Toll Road deputies are responsible for maintaining the flow of traffic by keeping lanes clear and open and assuring the safety to its drivers by providing rapid response to incidents.


School Contracts

We currently have 5 school contracts with over 50,000 students combined. Our school resource deputies assists the school administration in maintaining a safe and secure environment through their diverse training, knowledge and experience in handling situations.


Neighborhood Contracts

We currently have 6 neighborhood contracts. The deputies play an integral role in maintaining the safety and security of the neighborhoods as well as developing collaborative interaction between neighborhood residents and their deputies.


Crime Interdiction Unit

CIU identifies and analyzes problematic areas where quality of life issues are being impacted by violent crimes, narcotic transactions, narcotic users/abusers, prostitution, nuisance offenses and any other violations of state and local laws within the precinct; while forging strong community partnerships, through positive citizen interaction, communication, and education. This unit is flexible, easily adapts to the change of crime patterns and works in conjunction with local and federal agencies.


Emergency Response Division

Emergency response plays a critical role in a disaster situation in regards to response, search and rescue, and recovery efforts. Our department is equipped with 11 HighMobility Multipurpose Utility Vehicles (Humvee), 3 2 ½-ton cargo trucks, 2 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT) and 5 boats ready for deployment at any time.


Community Outreach

This division focuses on building, strengthening and sustaining authentic community relationships. We have developed many successful programs including our RUOK and CASA programs that maintain the welfare of over 500 seniors in our precinct.



This division is comprised of dedicated volunteers who provide the department with extra personnel and can quickly be deployed during critical incidents. It also consists of 16 motorcycle deputies who assist with traffic control for community events and provide escorts for funerals for those facing financial hardships during their difficult time with no budget impact to the department.



Our Warrant Division is the custodial agency for all Class C and Child Support warrants issued through the Justice and Family Courts. They are responsible for the management and execution of these warrants.



This division is responsible for the process, service and execution of legal documents on individuals and businesses in civil matters. In close partnership with numerous law firms, the Civil Division also prepares and conducts the monthly tax sale auction, as well as allocating the proceeds of the sale to the respective entities.



Our dispatch is a 24 hour operation that is responsible for receiving, evaluating and disseminating information for all emergency and non-emergency calls. They work in partnership with the deputies by receiving as much information as possible to ensure the caller is receiving the most efficient service in a timely manner.



Our Administrative Division oversees the business operations, property room management, background investigations, courtroom security, Internal Affairs and the Recognition Program. The Administrative personnel also provides support services to our department.



The Records Division oversees the management and operations of the department’s records and provides professional service in processing and disseminating public records to the general public and other law enforcement agencies.



The Harris County Constable's Office Precinct 3 Training Division provides quality continuing education and resources to our deputies in helping to keep them safer by providing access to information which supports professional development and improve training.