Thank you Channelview ISD for recognizing a couple of our school resource officers!

Throughout Channelview ISD, our School Resource Officers (SROs) play a unique role in the community. Not only do they protect the peace at our campuses but build rapport between students and staff to secure an enhanced learning environment. Each day, we will be honoring each Channelview SRO, thanking them for their diligence in protecting our students! Thank you Channelview ISD for recognizing our deputies! Their dedication to the children in our community goes above and beyond. We are proud and thankful to have them in our Precinct 3 Family.

Channelview ISD Recognizes Deputy C. Kelly

Honoree: Deputy Christopher Kelly, SRO for Viola Cobb Elementary!

Deputy Kelly has had an illustrious career in law enforcement spanning almost 14 years as a jailer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, patrol officer for Harris County Constable Pct. 3 – Constable Sherman Eagleton, and as a School Resource Officer. Deputy Kelly provides emotional support to students by serving as a role model to inspire positive changes in the lives of Cobb Elementary Students. Deputy Kelly also builds rapport with Channelview students, supporting the community policing work that is being done here at Channelview ISD!

Channelview ISD Recognizes Deputy Shara Matthews

Honoree: Deputy Shara Matthews, SRO for Hamblen Elementary!

Deputy Matthews’ career in law enforcement spans 4 years, serving as a parole officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice before becoming a Channelview SRO for Harris County Constable Pct. 3 – Constable Sherman Eagleton. Deputy Matthews starts her day by greeting Hamblen students and families, ensuring a safe passage to school. Deputy Matthews acts as a ray of sunshine, emitting positive energy onto to students as well as building rapport with students and staff in Hamblen classrooms. Her down-to-earth character and cheerful personality builds trust and confidence to be approachable to the Channelview community.

Thank you Deputies for the work you have done at CISD and for your dedication to our school district for the foreseeable future!